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The Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast and blog was made for you and has all that you need to turn your dream birth into a reality. You can listen to podcast episodes (on the go) that cover nutrition, healthy, birth & beyond. If you’re too time-poor to read the blog, which has tonnes of posts to educate and inspire, you can go straight through to one of my courses instead!

They take you step by step, no fluff, through my holistic approach to a healthy pregnancy, including the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual aspects. It’s what worked for me during pregnancy, and also what I speak to my prenatal chiropractic clients about. You want to look radiant throughout your pregnancy – and really that comes from body-mind full of vitality.

While you can’t control everything within your pregnancy and birth, you can certainly prepare your body, mind & spirit to give you the best chance at a natural birth.


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Look After Your Body and Health In Pregnancy

Look After Your Body and Health In Pregnancy

You know that feeling you get when you're chatting to someone, and as you hear them speak you kinda want to be their friend? That's exactly how I felt talking to Stephanie. She's got two gorgeous kiddos, and is pregnant with her third baby. She's a chiropractor who...

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When people won’t support your VBAC

When I was pregnant second time round, my (first) midwife wanted to send me to see a consultant. She wasn't at all supportive of my decision to have a VBAC. She didn't think I should be pushing a baby through my vagina, let alone doing it at home! Why? My first was a...

A letter to my pregnant self (2nd time round)

Dear Sarah, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I know it was a shock and you weren't really ready for it, but your baby has chosen you, because this is the perfect time. It might not feel like it, but trust me, it'll all be ok. You've been to Starbucks, picked up a...

I just wanted to personally thank you for all the material you put out, I recently discovered I was pregnant and I’ve been listening to your podcast daily. It’s been an absolute inspiration to me, so thank you ?

Naomi El-Issa