In case you’ve been off grid, I’m sure that by now, you will have seen the incredible video that Sophie Messager shared. It’s gone viral!

I’m so unbelievably pleased to see it out there on social media.

I talk a lot about birth, about natural physiologic birth, and why I wanted it second time around. I also planned for a caesarean section. Just in case. It was a plan C, because it wasn’t even on the cards for my first baby. It happened anyway.

I am a big believer in filling your head with positivity.

For my first birth, I didn’t even consider the possibility of having a c-section. It felt like giving up. It was betting against my body. If I had a plan for c-section, then it automatically meant I didn’t have the trust in my body’s ability to do this.

It was a really bad idea.

I ended up having a c-section anyway, and it was scary. I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea what to expect, let alone what to ask for.

Second time round, I had a plan! It mostly included everything on the viral video. I was fortunate enough to come across some incredible information including Caesarean in Focus and Natural Caesarean UK which are supportive communities. I was also sent an article about the natural caesarean process that had been published in a medical journal: The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique .

If you’re pregnant, please make a plan for a caesarean, I’m hopeful you won’t need to use it, but it made me feel a million times better knowing that I knew what was available!

With love,

Sarah x

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