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You KNOW that a natural birth is what you want

I know this, because I felt exactly the same – my family & friends didn’t always support my choices – I realised there are loads of women out there feeling just as crazy for wanting a natural birth as I did.

Here are some of my thoughts around pregnancy & birth!

I started this whole project for YOU!

Your birth is not decided by “luck” or “chance”

Just like your environment dictates the odds of you developing cancer and heart disease, the way you treat yourself during pregnancy changes the odds of you getting the birth you want. You have the ability to stack the odds in your favour, and in being here, I’m assuming that’s what you’re looking to do.

You don’t want to wait and see what happens – that would be a waste of time, effort & energy.

You want to grab this pregnancy by the balls and prepare your mind, body & spirit for the big gorgeous day!


It truly gives you power – and that’s why you’re going to absorb a tonne – from the people I speak to on the podcast, the articles I write and the books I share.


Keeping strong, yet supple and providing the right pelvic alignment is crucial to allow your baby to get in the right position for birth. It’s all covered here!


Your mindset is the foundation – stress and anxiety is not your friend. I’ve been where you are. I’ve had the horror stories & the fear tactics. I don’t allow it here.


Feeding your body with gorgeous, nutritious, living foods will allow you to create a powerhouse of health and energy that will keep you strong throughout your pregnancy.

Support is essential

If you don’t feel supported, you won’t get the birth you want. Simple as that. When you are surrounded by a group of like minded mamas, women and birth workers, you will be supported. It doesn’t matter whether you have your crew online or in person, what matters is that you have a crew!

(And it’s why I’m here for you!)

Births are more important than nurseries!

You probably started viewing nurseries as soon as you found out you were pregnant.

You want to make sure that your little one will be well looked after while you’re at work. Obviously!

But here’s the thing:

Your pregnancy health, and the birth you choose, have SO much more impact on your baby’s future.

You and your baby deserve the best!

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