Birth Doesn't Have To Be That Way

by Sarah Keen | Pure Natural Pregnancy

Lynsey trained as a midwife and graduated in 2011. In 2012 she qualified as a hypnobirth instructor after seeing a woman give birth in a totally different experience than any birth she’d ever seen in her training.

She was used to women giving birth on their back with the pick and mix of pain relief options.

This was different. The woman was giving birth using hypnobirthing techniques, which she had practised with her midwife as her husband worked away. Lynsey saw how powerful she was during this birth, and it made her rethink how she worked with women as a midwife.

When a birthing woman is in control, it changes the whole experience for her, and equally for the baby.

We had a good talk about how the stress hormones that accompany a lot of pregnancies has a negative impact on the unborn baby, whereas a calm birth has fantastic effects on the baby neurologically as well.

Every pregnancy is unique and different, and even with a “condition”, the woman is an individual and one of the beauties of hypnobirthing for Lynsey is that it empowers women to ask the right questions.

Something she said that totally resonated with me, is that through practising hypnobirthing, the birth partner is able to feel calmer and more prepared in how they can help on the day. When I was a birth partner for my friend, it was 9 weeks after having Freddie (my VBAC baby), and so my own practice was still fresh in my mind. The overwhelming buzz I felt from knowing that I could prompt her with the affirmations and breathing techniques was incredible.

We ended up the discussion about how language used by some people within the birth world is often guided by opinions rather than evidence or experience. Lynsey and I are in total agreement that women need to steer clear of the negative crap and horror stories, and we need to normalise birth for ourselves and our kids. If you’re feeling like you  want to be surrounded by women who are on the same wavelength, join up to the Pure Natural Pregnancy community group on Facebook.

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