Calm Births Rock

by Sarah Keen & Suzy Ashworth | Pure Natural Pregnancy

In the fourth episode of the Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast, Sarah talks to Suzy Ashworth from The Calm Birth School.

Suzy Ashworth

Suzy Ashworth is an author, pregnancy coach and a mindset & marketing mentor for pre and postnatal specialists. As founder of The Calm Birth School and The Baby Business School, she has a passion for showing women exactly why they can and should believe in themselves, empowering them to create mind-blowing birth experiences.

When she is not working and entertaining her two children Caesar and Coco, mainly she’s sleeping/growing another human being as she incubates the latest addition to her family.

You can find Suzy on Facebooktwitter, instagram & on her website.

In the episode

In this episode, we discuss the foundations of hypnobirthing, what it is and what it isn’t. She touches on the science and the woo woo, and also how hypnobirthing isn’t just for those wanting a home birth, but can be used in any type of birth, and in life in general! We have a chat about our own pregnancies and generally have a good laugh!

Resources: Episode 004

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