We’ve all had those days where everything is going wrong – some people seem to handle these days with grace and calm. I’m not one of those people naturally. I’m more a fire breathing “mama dragon” (as George calls me)! Recently though, I’ve been making a concerted effort to take some time out for me, and to create calm.
Every time that I’ve decided previously to begin changing my headspace, I’ve not known where to start. I have downloaded apps, joined Deepak & Oprah’s 21 day challenge, and tried colouring in for grown ups. They all felt great at the time, but there was never the change that I truly needed. I felt like I was struggling to find the time every day, and so there was always something more important to do.
A few weeks ago, I went to a seminar (I’m working towards a paediatric chiropractic certification) and we were talking about mindfulness and headspace. The tutor, Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock, said that all it takes is 3 minutes, 3 x per day to make a change to the neurology and brain circuitry. I honestly couldn’t believe it – I could commit to that!!
So I set an alarm to go off 3x per day, and I locked myself in the bathroom, and concentrated on my breathing for 3 minutes. Over the days, I extended this to 5 minutes and found that I could do that too. Now I’m not saying that I’m totally laid back and chilled out, not by a long stretch, but there is a noticeable difference in how I’m feeling when confronted with a problem.
Anyone who has looked into hypnobirthing at all will understand the importance of being able to create calm within chaos, so it’s something that’s definitely worth a try. Who can’t afford 3 minutes at a time?!
Let me know how you get on with it,
With love,
Sarah x

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