Fear Free Childbirth

by Sarah Keen & Alexia Leachman | Pure Natural Pregnancy

Today’s episode is all about releasing fears during pregnancy, so that you can enjoy a fear free childbirth. It surprised me to learn that there are so many thousands of women for whom pregnancy and birth is something that creates massive fear. To the extent that marriages break down and women are having abortions, because they are so petrified of birth. Alexia specialises in helping women to overcome these fears, so that they can enjoy their pregnancies!

It was a pleasure chatting to her, and I have already signed up for her Head Trash podcast too.

In this episode:

  • Tokophobia – the fear of childbirth – and it’s possibly surprising prevalence
  • The most common fears that women have surrounding pregnancy and birth itself
  • Alexia’s own fears during pregnancy
  • How she overcame them and changed careers to help other women learn the tools to create their own fear free pregnancy and birth
  • Using these tools in day-to-day life

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