Feng Shui Mommy

Feng Shui Mommy – the book – was sent to me by Bailey’s PR team as a fit for the show. I’ll be honest, when I first looked into it, my thoughts were: “WTF!? Feng Shui is some Chinese home organisation thing, right?” How does Feng Shui Mommy even fit into a book title?!

I took a look around Bailey’s website so I could get a feel for her before having her on the show. I’m happy for a good dose of hippy but I’m not an all-out-woo kinda girl. I just couldn’t see how the concepts of house & pregnancy could possibly be linked.

Herein lies the genius.

Feng Shui Principles

Bailey Gaddis is a doula, a hypnobirthing coach and, in a past life, was also a home organiser. But Feng Shui Mommy isn’t about organising your house. It’s about organising your energy. That’s what Bailey does so well in this book, and it’s the reason I wanted to chat to her on the show. She’s all about the energy.

Where feng shui in the home focuses more on your outer world, she relates these principles to your inner world. Pregnancy is such a gorgeous time to connect with your baby, but a lot of us really don’t have the balance in mind, body & spirit.

Feng shui mommy is about creating your own perspective of birth rather than listening to the fear-based culture that exists.

Creating your birth community

If you were able to create a group of people who were supportive of you and your dreams, how much better would that be? Imagine surrounding yourself with people who think like you, who make you feel good, and who can transform the ‘normal’ version of birth. That’s one of the things we talked about, plus a lot more too.

We chatted about the 4th trimester, which is something a lot of people don’t seem to think even exists(!)

We spoke about the energetic blockages to birth (mothers of pregnant mums, we’re looking your way).

And most importantly, we had a good natter about how to clear the negative energy around you.

Learn more

Find out more about Bailey here on Facebook and you can buy Feng Shui Mommy in bookshops all over the place! ( And you should – it’s great! )

Feng Shui Mommy

by Sarah Keen & Bailey Gaddis | Pure Natural Pregnancy

Hey! I'm Sarah

Hey! I'm Sarah

I’m a baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding mum of 2 boys, who also happens to be a kick ass vitalistic chiropractor!

I’m more than a little bit obsessed with pregnancy, birth, babies and children, and how to really love life and have the energy to put into living it fully!

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