Look After Your Body and Health In Pregnancy

by Sarah Keen & Stephanie Barto | Pure Natural Pregnancy

You know that feeling you get when you’re chatting to someone, and as you hear them speak you kinda want to be their friend? That’s exactly how I felt talking to Stephanie. She’s got two gorgeous kiddos, and is pregnant with her third baby. She’s a chiropractor who got stuck into the rabbit hole of pregnancy and paediatric care after seeing the results speak for themselves with her own family.

She’s ALL about taking care of ourselves as people, before our other roles (and she has many!) as it’s only through being the best version of ourselves that we can really be any use to anyone else.

One of the things she said that really hit home for me is that “people are afraid to have higher expectations, so they aim for try” and it’s so true! Whether in birth, or life. If we go around saying we’re going to have a natural birth and then we end up on drugs, people will say ‘I told you so’. How many people love to share their birth horror stories, right?

Simply by altering the input we allow our brains to process, we can make a difference to our expectations. That can have a huge impact on our health!

“I don’t allow room in my brain to accommodate that – the what if’s are so far in behind everything else”

When I was pregnant second time round, I was giving my 3 year old piggy backs through the park at 40 weeks. People don’t believe me til I show them the photos. I felt great! What if every woman had this expectation that pregnancy could be a time where she felt amazing and energised? What if every woman knew how to really take care of her own body and her health during pregnancy? How would that impact her unborn baby, her whole family, and even the community in which she lives?!

Stephanie drops some amazing insight in this episode – let me know your favourite quote!



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