Peaceful Home Birth Stories

by Sarah Keen | Pure Natural Pregnancy


Today’s episode is for you! Eilidh (pronounced Ay-lee) Venning is originally from Scotland, now living in glorious Cape Town, South Africa.  She is Mum to two beautiful girls, Breah and Imogen, both of whom were born at home with her husband Greg (listen to me chatting to him about how pregnancy isn’t a disease here), their midwife and her parents in the other room.

When she’s not busy being Mum, Eilidh is busy running the family business. She’s a huge advocate of peaceful birth stories being shared with the world, so that women are more empowered as they enter their pregnancy, and ultimately their birth. She has experienced the South African birth world, which is miles apart from her native Scotland, and we discuss it in another episode which will be released soon.

Today though, Eilidh shares both birth stories with us – first up is Breah, who is now 3.

Breah’s birth

On the day Breah was born, Eilidh’s parents were flying to South Africa to stay with them for four weeks. Their arrival was a week before the guess date, and so they had planned a catch up, lunch and the usual activities. Her surges began in the morning, and Eilidh carried on with her day assuming they were more of the practice surges.

Breah was born at home in a squatting position with Eilidh guiding her head, and then her body out. Her birth was surrounded in the calm of a singing mama (singing the “f-word”) 17 minutes after the midwives arrived! Within an hour, they were all tucked up in bed breastfeeding as a family of three.

Imogen’s birth

Despite Breah’s early arrival, Imogen came on her guess date – one of the 5% of babies who do actually come on the EDD.

Eilidh had been waking at the same time every night for weeks, and when she had previously fallen asleep to her hypnobirthing affirmations, this night she was still wide awake. While her body had a clear out, she wasn’t sure whether or not to call the midwife.

A minute after the first call, she had another surge, so they phoned the midwife again and asked her to hurry. She didn’t labour in the bath this time, but rather than squatting, this time she birthed Imogen with her bum in the air.


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