Greg Venning

Dr Greg Venning is a husband, a father, the author of the book Thrive!, founder of Peak Chiropractic and developer of Upgrade Your Life. He’s in demand as an engaging speaker and powerful coach. Dr Greg has helped people of all ages to improve their levels of well-being and lead richer lives. Unlike other doctors he’s interested in creating health and not treating sickness.

Supporting families through the circle of life from pre-conceptive care to pregnancy to post partum care and back to pre-conceptive care are a big part of Greg’s life. He loves looking after newborns and centenarians alike.

Dr Greg has studied, taught and practiced internationally, holds a Masters Degree in Chiropractic, is a Certified Wellness Professional and practices in glorious Cape Town, South Africa.

Human potential and personal performance are Dr Greg’s driving passions and he believes you were born to be brilliant. By reconnecting with your in born potential you can transform yours and your family’s life.

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In this episode:

  • WHO codes pregnancy as a disease within their classification
  • How Greg came into family health, after seeing paradigms in his sporting career that didn’t make sense with him – performance enhancement was ignored in favour of getting people back on the field as soon as possible
  • The “inside-out” approach to health, and what that means
  • Innate intelligence of the body works for health every time
  • Fever in the body – when you should be concerned
  • Disconnection during pregnancy and birth
  • Masculine view of controlling pregnancy, which came from the “enlightened movement” in the 1600’s
  • The history of lying on your back for birth
  • Where science took the body, while the church took the mind/spirit, which allowed science to discover more about the body
  • How the mind-body are connected more than we realise
  • Where hypnobirthing and the use of language affects the body at a deep level and allows mums to connect with baby
  • Positive birth experiences require an inside-out approach, and not a fear based choice pushed upon us by someone else
  • The importance of congruency when making birth choices
  • How I created my own positive birth choices
  • The gratitude that a negative birth experience can foster later in life
  • Basic principles of epigenetics, and how this affects our health
  • How genes are passing down through the generations
  • Birth experiences create different gene expressions, separate from the micro biome
  • Why pregnancy is literally and metaphorically a balancing act
  • Pregnancy is a time of introspection
  • Perinatal mental health
  • If pregnancy guidelines were positive rather than fear based…
  • Releasing fear = releasing blockages
  • Creating a space in which you can connect with your baby
  • Be here now!

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