Lovely pregnant women, I need your help!

A few weeks ago I launched the new and updated (and much more fancy) podcast branding. I designed the new podcast cover to share the awe I have for the human body.

The female human body especially!

The female body that can take two cells, and create a tiny human.

Her tummy that expands, as organs move out of the way to accommodate her rapidly developing baby.

Her breasts that engorge with milk, so perfectly designed to adapt to whatever her baby requires.

So I created a podcast cover that embodied that.

A black and white silhouette of a pregnant woman, clearly demonstrating the bump, breast, and alas, the nipple.

It’s been censored in a few places online due to nudity, and so I am on the hunt for a new, equally beautiful, pregnant silhouette.

What I need:

  • Black and white photo, side on
  • Nipple free (can be covered with a hand, bra or bikini top)
  • If wearing a top, it should be fitted and plain (no patterns please)
  • You must own the copyright, so if you haven’t taken the photo yourself, please ensure that you have the photographer’s permission.
  • You must be happy for the image to be used on social media, website and any other marketing for the podcast only (it will not be shared with other people)

How to enter:

  1. Upload your photo to instagram, with the hashtag #pregnancycoverstar & tag @sarahkeendc
  2. Share it to Facebook and tag @PureNaturalPregnancy & @sarahkeendc
  3. Ask your friends to like your image, which will help me to see which are the most popular


There are no prizes I’m afraid, and I have the last say on which picture I think fits the podcast best. In entering a photo, you are taking responsibility that you own the copyright for the image to be shared.

Pure Natural Pregnancy Facebook Group

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