I wanted to share a few words of a beautiful email I was sent today from a listener over in New Zealand. It made me realise the amazing capacity that technology provides – allowing us to reach people the other side of the world, all at the touch of a button.

Sitting here behind my laptop, in the quiet times when the big one is at nursery, and the little one is asleep, it can feel lonely. Many of you will know that I am dealing with depression as well as the stress that comes with being a grown up.

Some people tell me I need to stop doing things “online”.

I choose to spend money on creating & hosting this podcast because I think it’s valuable to women.

I choose to share my deepest darkest moments in the hope that it enables someone else to realise: you’re not alone.

So when I receive emails or Facebook messages, it really does make me smile. It makes me happy because I’m reaching people far and wide, and I know this is just the beginning.

“Hi Sarah,
I’m a recent subscriber to this wonderful podcast (currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first little man) and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying listening to it!!! I’m a firm believer that we need to stop treating pregnancy and birth as a medical issue that needs resolving and start recognizing that it is a natural and wonderful process. I’m lucky enough to live in New Zealand where maternity care is of an excellent standard and reasonably progressive, and I’m also lucky enough (although it doesn’t always seem that way!) to have a midwife for a mum. Unlike most of my friends I grew up with an understanding about physiological birth, water births and natural pain relief techniques. Now that I am a soon to be birthing mother it makes me frustrated and a little sad to realize the level of ignorance that exists amongst so many people regarding birth and the options available to them….a loyal listener of this podcast – it is such a necessary voice in the world as it is today. 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you and a belated congratulations on Freddie.
Warmest Regards,

If you’re out there, reading this, and you have anything you love or want me to do better, please do get in touch.

I love hearing from you.

It makes it all worth it!

So thank you to Pippa and to everyone else out there who is reading, listening & sharing. Please do let your friends and family know that this resource exists.

With love,

Sarah x

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