The Simplest Way to the Birth You Want!

by Sarah Keen & Virginia Howes | Pure Natural Pregnancy

In this, the first episode of the Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast, Sarah talks to independent midwife, Virginia Howes.

Virginia Howes

Virginia is an independent midwife, practising in Ashford in Kent. She is passionate about the importance of continuity of care for women throughout the pre- and post-natal period. As an experienced midwife, Virginia has cared for numerous women through home and hospital birth, even helping those deemed “high risk” to birth at home.

I first came across Virginia in her ITV series, Home Delivery, which was an incredible show, delving into the lives of a independent midwife and her clients. It’s clear Virginia has a passion for physiologic birth and empowering women to make informed choices in every aspect of her care. I would also highly recommend her book, “The Baby is Coming”.

In this episode

In this first episode, we discuss:

  • Virginia’s background and what led her to independent midwifery
  • Continuity of care, what it is, and why it’s important to birth outcomes
  • One of Virginia’s celebrity clients who is happy to share her story
  • How to hire an independent midwife
  • The belief that independent midwives are only for home births
  • What is included in the fees
  • A little about breastfeeding


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