How to be a great birth partner

by Sarah Keen & Mark Harris | Pure Natural Pregnancy

In this episode of the Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast, Sarah talks to Mark Harris from Birthing for Blokes.

Mark Harris

Mark is registered as a midwife and nurse. He is an author, podcaster, speaker and general good guy who loves people! Mark travels around the country teaching men, and same sex partners, about the importance of their role in pregnancy and birth.

“The choices I have made in my professional life have been shaped by this gregarious inclination. I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife, Teacher in Further Education, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, out reach youth worker. I still work as a Midwife offering a birth education through a programme called, Birthing For Blokes (@Birthing4Blokes), work and play often merge for me.”

You can find Mark on Facebook, twitter & on his website.

In this episode

In this first episode, we discuss the brain, hormones and the differences between men and women. We also have an introduction to the physiology of the partner’s role, and why they are so crucial to the pregnant woman.


  • Simon Baron Cohen – “The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain”
  • Louann Brizendine – “The Female Brain” and also, “The Male Brain”
  • Cordelia Fine – “Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences”
  • John Gray – “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” and “Why Mars and Venus Collide”
  • Mark Harris – “Men, Love & Birth”
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