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The Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast has been created to inspire women to trust their incredible bodies, as they embark upon a powerful new journey.

Every pregnancy and birth is different, and this show is here to support your freedom to choose how that looks for you.

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Helping women turn their dream birth into a reality

I just listened to your latest podcast episode last night (Feng Shui mummy) and it reminded me to get in touch with you. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed listening to your podcast and how important I think it is in the overwhelming narrative of birth information available to us at the present time.

Pippa Mothersole

New Zealand

I’ve just read your lovely birth story. I’m 30 wks in my second pregnancy following a pretty awful/ challenging birth for my first. I’m getting a little nervous now and want to start preparing my head space and body…I would so love a home birth, but my husband is not keen after our first experience. thanks for sharing your story, it was great for me to read. So glad your little boy is thriving now.

Daniela Dowling

United Kingdom

Traumatic birth

I’m Sarah Keen – breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, mum of two boys. In my day job, I’m a chiropractor with a focus on pregnancy & family care. Currently I’m taking a break from practice to raise my boys.

My first baby was born prematurely, weighing 2lb 11oz at 33 weeks.  It knocked me sideways, and I ended up with birth trauma related PTSD (something I didn’t even know was possible!).  I had a surprise when I found out I was pregnant again, and when I wanted a home VBAC for baby number two, I soon found that there wasn’t a lot of support out there for mamas like me.

And with that, Pure Natural Pregnancy was born

Where Do My Listeners Live?


United States


United Kingdom



With ZERO marketing or advertising efforts, the podcast’s popularity has grown organically.

Being pregnant and looking after a toddler meant that I just haven’t have time for marketing, and that’s why I’m so proud that each episode averages 1,182 unique downloads!

My target audience is truly an engaged niche market.

The very nature of this podcast means that people ‘binge-listen’ and download multiple episodes once they discover they’re pregnant. Now that I’m in a position to create more content, and dedicate time to marketing my show further, there’s only one more thing you need to know:

The reach of your advertisement will only ever grow.

Between December 16 and May 17, no episodes went live, and the show’s popularity still continued to rise!

Why 4 Episodes?

It takes a lot of administration to organise the recording of a podcast advertisement, uploading file art that you send for your website banner, liaising back and forth over email etc. It just isn’t worth the work (for either of us!) for a single episode.

What Does An Acknowledgement Sound Like?

At the start of the show, I’ll say “This podcast has been brought to you by [your company]”. At the end of the show, I’ll say “Thanks again to our sponsor [your company] for bringing this podcast to you today”.

What's A Host Promo?

It’s where I talk for 30 seconds about your product or service, based around a script that you give me. It’s not an endorsement, but more of a description of your product and how it might help my listeners.

Do You Offer Discounts?

These prices are already super cheap. If you want to commit to more than twelve episodes at a time, then get in touch and we can chat further about possible discounts.

What Does The Facebook/Insta Ad Entail?

I’ll release a picture to my Instagram account that will then be shared to Facebook, with a reference to your company as the sponsor of the show’s podcast. This will happen on the release day of each show sponsored within your advertising period.

Why Do I Have To 'Apply' To Advertise?

Because I have a set of values and beliefs around the message that is being portrayed to women with my name on it. I won’t advocate for or advertise any company that is selling formula feeding, neglectful parenting ideals or pharmaceuticals.

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